Jannes Eiselen

(1980 – 2016)We knew Jannes Eiselen as Charity’s husband on Skeem Saam (Kerrin Edwards). Jannes Eiselen was a South African actor, from Johannesburg, South Africa.  He has acted in various international productions including Black Sails Season 1 (Starz) as the pirate antihero, Dufresne. Jannes was undeniably one of South Africa’s best-loved voice artists of the last decade. A full demo of his VO work is avaiable on the voice page. Jannes fancies himself a lover of Shakespeare and was a finalist for the Brett Goldin Royal Shakespeare Bursary twice. He was also a hobbyist photographer and enjoys smokey/peaty whiskeys. His wife says he was not very funny, but he tries anyway. He supported the Faces of Hope Foundation, a charity that provides financial assistance to people with rare-cancers. 

#BringBackDufresne #BlackSails

– www.janneseiselen.com/

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