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Gugu Zulu

South Africa was saddened by the sudden death of the fastest fellow in Africa, Gugu Zulu. It has been reported that Gugu died while climbing the Kilimanjaro mountain in Tanzania. The Nelson Mandela foundation confirmed the death of the race car driver on the 18th of July in the morning.

As to what had happened, Gugu who, and his was wife, Letshego Zulu, was part of the Trek4Mandela expedition – said on the statement “Details are sketchy. What we do know is that Gugu experienced problems breathing. The medical team supporting the trek put him on a drip and they descended the mountain with him. We are informed that the medical teams tried everything possible to save his life,”

What we know is that Gugu and his wife descended the mountain together with Richard Mabaso led by Sibusiso Vilane, who’s an experienced mountaineer, The CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation said “I am devastated. I knew him well. I recruited him to climb Kilimanjaro. The last thing he said to me at the airport before he left last week was that he wanted to speak about doing other Mandela Day projects. I feel a huge sense of loss.”

Day prior his death, Gugu posted a few pictures on instagram.


One of the most devastated bloggers I know of has to be Kiki Marli, who is a blogger of JustCurious Webiste and was very close to Gugu, She writes: “Guys I am really feeling destroyed. I am in shock, I am weak and I am speechless. For some reason I thought this was a hoax and had to call his friend Stevel to confirm. It’s true, Gugu Zulu is no more.”

Gugu leaves behind his wife and daughter who’s now 1.

“I mean she just turned 1 a few weeks ago and her parents made it very special for her. How do you move from that, to a funeral? Life is so unfair shem. Now the innocent child is gonna grow up without a father. Why is life like this? I am so torn.” Writes KIKI.

Navigator Carl Peskin: Gugu Zulu was the one all the kids wanted to see 

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