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Home Sweet Home is a 13 episode comedy series centered on a family and the challenges they face.

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These challenges come from both their external circumstances, and from those generated by their internal dynamics. But theirs is not a suburban family that inhabits the sit-com never-never world of eternal stability. It’s a family under threat. The building that our securities work in is put up for sale, and over the course of the series, we explore their various attempts to thwart this sale, and keep the family together. In so doing, we chart out characters’ personal growth, and the gradual coming together of the family.

The major theme of the series as a whole is the theme of redemption. Through a variety of personal circumstances, bad luck, and lack of ambition, our characters have landed up working unfulfilling dead-end jobs in a poorly paid industry. But during the course of the series, through the power of the family, we watch as they discover their own secret strengths and abilities.

Each episode will stand alone, as a self-contained three act unit. But it will also fit into the broader narrative structures of the series. Each episode will end on a cliff-hanger, to encourage viewer loyalty, but furthermore, to create a sense of cohesion and coherence across the series. Events that occurred in previous episodes will come back to play roles in later episodes.

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