Happy Valentine's Day and The Month of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! – The Month of Love

Love is one of the most celebrated throughout the world. Some of us we spend so many years seeking for ‘The One’, and finally given the chance – somehow along the way, hell brake loose – and we part ways. Every time we fall we tend to ask ‘How will I know if you really love me’

Like I’ve always said that Sex is cheap and overrated, they even sell it in the streets, it’s love that’s priceless – it comes at the expense of someone’s heart,

I remember the small portion of a post I had posted…

#Letter 1

“Girl, Lady… Hey Woman! How did you bring out the best in me, I gave you the most precious gift babe, and that’s the Best of Me just for you. I thought to myself, but it’s all that I had, if it wasn’t good enough baby, that’s was everything.

Maybe you aren’t being honest with me, sometime we on sometimes we off, and never neutral, but something mutual, I can’t help shake the feeling, that maybe perhaps…

This here, me, you, right here, we just found love, we discovered love, the meaning, the true definision, and that’s you and me.

How could one man, love one woman, for eternity, it’s impossible so they said, but I am breaking the code. You were my first, You will be my last, I am not talking about sex, but you are the only real thing I Know. If they calling you a b#tch, just let em know that you my b#tch, the only b#tch that brought tears to my eyes. I’ll keep on fightin and fightin, yet I always look back. I guess when I told you I loved I really meant that sh*t. Sipping on this cheap wine thinking about shit m gon’ tell you when I get home. I guess m addicted to your presence, coming back home, and I hope I wont regret it.” (Sic)

Boy was I in love, those moments have come and passed, I really wish to fall in love again. This was the letter I had ever written in 2014.

Letter #2

“I didn’t think because I just wanted you in my bed, so bad that I gave all myself, it’s only in the morning when I realize that, this isn’t love. I don’t wanna be a player, don’t wanna hurt anyone. Looking you in the eyes, as you tell me how great the sex was and how much you love me, in my heart I know I can’t love you, I won’t love you, even if I tried.

My heart doesn’t have much of a brain to think past what my middle limb is aimed at and to do. Everything going wrong, I don’t even seem to remember your name even thou I had known you for a while, you already gave me a pet name, “izozo”, I smile because I am trying to avoid to laugh at my own mistakes.

When I met you, I was up, now that I am down, I can think clearer. But then… You are the most beautiful, the most incredible, you listen to my stories, you love to cuddle, you enjoy brushing your legs against mine, your smile is contagious, you told me your secrets, you made me tell you mine, you shine brighter in my darkest place because you want to be strong for me, you move me from a bad situation right into heaven. You smile through the worst, because you knew it wouldn’t last forever.

You brought nothing but joy, you made me want to spend my life with you, you see me differently, you love who I am, you are the most imperfect perfect person, you enjoy my jokes, you laugh at my “saddest” jokes. You give me the attention I need you.

You are all that I’ve wanted even though I wish you were someone else, someone I use to love, perhaps someone I still do love. But if you are so perfect with your flaws to me, why the hesitation, Somehow it doesn’t make any sense, because in my heart I know what’s true, in my mind, I see it through you, you are what’s true. But then again… I am still stuck in my own world, lies and deceits, and that’s the stupidest reason why I cannot be with you. You will only be the girl I use to know…”

But enough about me, if you not celebrating this day, and have no one to celebrate it with, it’s okay, you not the only one.

If you are celebrating it with the one you love, hey enjoy one another, and I hope you love lasts for a lifetime.

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