Getting to know David Genaro – You can't keep this man down

It is fortunate that IOL had an exclusive interview with Jamie Bartlett – Our favorite character on our small screen. Jamie was celebrating 9 years as the character David Genaro – as well his 50th Birthday. Independent News had a fair chance to talk about his character as well as his weakness – BABES!

Hlubi MboyaTaking a vast look of Jamie’s character, he says: “David is a classic sociopath. He believes his own lies. And it’s very difficult for the audience to tell if he is lying or not. He does it with a certain straight face and conviction and he never indicates to the audience if he is bullsh*tting about his anger or the way he deviously conspires to get people to do what he wants. But it is always his soft- heartedness for the so-called vulnerable woman – the Thandeka character now, the Gail October character (played by Pam Andrews), who ended up being the mother of his child, the Lucilla character whom he was married to – it’s all of those women and him wanting to protect them and their vulnerability, where it turns out he is not bullsh*tting.

“He is not trying to pull the wool over their eyes and it ends up unseating him, as is now the case with Thandeka.”

character-Rhythm-City-Davidhe continues to say “I think it is very tiring for David to now hold someone close to him or allow himself to surrender; to sink into their warm flesh. And it is hard to walk around with that hard exoskeleton, constantly protecting your underbelly. He craves intimacy. He wanted to be loved. He thought he recognised this woman as being a potential partner in love. He wanted her to witness from whence he came.”

Jamie as far as alowing Thandeka acess to his files he says: “He showed her his money and accounts, where the trail and source of that comes from. He did so in the hope that he could trust her. Ultimately, she won the battle when she betrayed and exposed him. She cut him open north to south and sent him packing to Yeoville with nothing but the clothes on his back.”


As far as bouncing back is concern, Bartlett says: “Here he is in Yeoville, sans a car, sans anything. And he is looking for allies. He thinks he is going to start small with girls on call, sex for money and slowly build up to a slightly more sophisticated ring with websites and, later on, sending them into affluent areas where men with deep pockets are targeted. He knows how to do it. For the first time, he doesn’t have any ammunition with which to execute the plan. So he needs to start with selling bundles of cocaine and crack and girls on the quick, rough and ready, turning small tricks. And very, very soon, the ball gathers moss. Eventually, he can make a proper assault on the market.”

The bitter david Genaro says: “Like any dog that has been beaten and is now hungry. Or like any dog that is placed on a wire lead, by instinct, it is a dog that will bite you. It is that scared dog that you have to be very careful of.”


Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

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