Finding your soulmate makes you age faster


Now before you get mad at me, and before I get into medical terms – This has been proven to be right by you, your phrases, and how you carry yourself when you find ‘The One’.

You often hear people say.

  • I want to find the one and settle down

People define setting down differently that what settling down really is. Once you find the one – you send the message to your body that you are now done! You’ve find the one and you won’t be looking for anything further more than what I have.

You body then sends the messages to the brain that ‘hey guys, you can now knock him dead!’ – which is why sometimes love don’t work out because we have a thing about “”Settling down” when in fact it is that time when you find the one that you should be working even hard to keep ’em.

  • I want to grow old with you

Ever seen a 25 year old who looks like he’s been in world war I ? That’s because when we think we have found the one, we think that where life stops and quite frankly that when it begins.

Remember every change comes with a new beginning and never the end.


The danger comes in, when you stop caring about yourself and focus entirely on what you have. Find the balance. People in love – newly love birds wouldn’t understand this, because in their minds, all they think about is “Who cares” Well young man and young lady – you are a human being, and being is part of what we do, it is only when we stop being, that we start to age – and fast.

The idea is not to instill fear – the idea is to let you know that all we want to see is you looking your age.

When you find the one, never send wrong messages to your brain and your body, you should know what settling down really means, it means a start of a new beginning, a Grade higher, to start working extra hard.


Even when you have little brats running around calling mommy! Daddy! It’s gonna be hard to focus on yourself. People often say – once you have kids it’s no longer about you – everything is about them – and often the phrase is misinterpreted.

  • Love your kids
  • Save money for your kids
  • Make sure they eat health and drink water
  • Make sure they are clothed
  • They go school and pass their Grades
  • and believe me there’s more

But you lose a sight of the person in a mirror – that’s when you stop being – and it will affect you and just you.




  • You put on weight (You eat unhealthy)
  • Your sex life decreases and gets to zero action
  • You begin to blame your kids
  • You might lose your husband or the father of your kids if you not married
  • You’ll begin to lose interest in life
  • You stop being…


But it all begins with a hello, Nice food, I like you, Hugs, Kisses and be mine forever. Never settle down, settle up, Look your age, Do your Age, Be your Age just don’t Age.

Zack! 🙂

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