ETV Scandal writes a touching tribute #RIPNyembeziKunene

Nyembezi Kunene / PICTURE CREDIT: ETV

South Africa has been mourning the death of the legendary Nyembezi Kunene. The Veteran actor director was last scene is believed to be on etvScandal.

He died 57

He was famously known as the character he played on Emzini Wezinsizwa, it has been reported that Four actors who made up the main cast of ‘Emzini Wezinsizwa‘ have died since July last year. 

Here’s the letter

Sunday was a sad day for the Scandal! family as we learnt of Bab’ Nyembezi Kunene’s passing.

On behalf of the Scandal! crew, cast and management, I would like to send our condolences to the Kunene family. Sithi akwehlanga lingehlanga, boMadunsela, boKunene boMntimande, heaven has called back one of its angels and I’m not just saying this as a norm.

When we created the character Dollar Mfanvelile Ngema we had Bab’ Nyembezi in mind. We knew that only he would do justice to the character. We, however had a dilemma on how to approach a man of that stature; an actor, director and producer of note to play a supporting role when he should only be playing leads. To my surprise, Bab’ Nyembezi enthusiastically agreed to this role.

Having crossed that bridge of approaching him to play what we thought was a role beneath him the task of briefing him on the character was left to me as the Creative Producer. That was one of the most difficult tasks I have had carry out in my current role. You see, I grew up admiring and dreaming of being in Bab’ Nyembezi’s presence. He’s a man who made it possible for me to be where I am; he paved the way for a lot of us in the industry. Boy was I surprised of how humble he was. The consummate professional made it possible for me to relax into briefing him, made it easy for me to do my job. Not once did he make me feel intimidated.  He welcomed me as if we had known each other for years. What an amazing human being.

We had an idea that he wasn’t well but he did not complain, not even once. He did not even even talk about his illness. He was always on time, well prepared and gave the character his all.

The magic was more than we expected. It’s not every day that one is in the presence of such a talent. Our youngest cast members were amazed at his work ethic and energy and I hope that they will cherish all he has left them with.  We at Scandal! feel privileged to have spent the last days of his life in our home over the last steps of his journey on this side. He was doing what he loves most, even in pain the show went on. We Salute him. Lala ngoxolo Bab’ Nyembezi.

Grace Mahlaba, Creative Producer



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