Zahara fails to pay monthly installments for her Audi A5

[SA ENTERTAINMENT NEWS] It’s been reported the singer-songwriter Zahara‘s over R350 000 in arrears as for the past nine months as she allegedly failed to pay off or rather to make payment for her Audi A5 she purchased in 2012.

Zahara, whose real name is Bulelwa Mkutukana, may have her Audi A5 repossessed, Citizen stated that “The report states that an accountant who saw the account alleged the monthly installments owed for the vehicle were R12 000, and that the vehicle when purchased in August 2012, cost over R620 000.”

Breaking it down according to report. This isn’t the first time Bulelwa has faced financial crisis.

  1. R350 000 in arrears for her AUDI A5
  2. She owed R35 000 on her house loan – The house was bought for R1,9 million in 2012 through Nedbank and monthly instalments were just under R18 000.
  3. She also owed R200 000 in arrears on her water and electricity account.
  4. A debt of R5 000 was also written off by furniture store @Home as Zahara failed to settle her credit with them for items she had bought.

We all have financial issues but when you are a celebrity it will be out in the open.


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