WATCH: Charlie Sheen reveals he's HIV Positive

“I am here to admit that I am, in fact, HIV-positive,” Sheen told Lauer, adding that he wanted to stop the “barrage of attacks and sub-truths” that are “threatening the health of many others.”
Sheen said he was diagnosed “roughly four years ago” after suffering a series of debilitating “cluster headaches and migraines.” He thought he had a “brain tumor” but ended up with an HIV diagnosis instead. “It’s a hard three letters to absorb,” he confessed. The Two and a Half Men star claimed that his much-publicized meltdown in 2011, when phrases like “winning” and “tiger blood” permanently entered the cultural lexicon, had more to do with “‘roid rage” but came on the heels of his diagnosis.
The reason why Sheen decided to come forward today, at least in part, was to stop the millions of dollars in “shakedowns” and “extortion” that have been draining the money he says he needs to help support his five children and one grandchild. Asked if he’s still paying any of these people, Sheen replied, “Not after today, I’m not.” Later on, Sheen revealed that he’d paid upwards of $10 million over the years in exchange for silence on his condition, and that his current financial situation is “not great.” thedailybeast.com reports.