Was Vodacom really Dacom ?

In 1993, a year before Vodacom was founded, there was was a man, Alan Knott-Craig who is now a retired Vodacom and Cell C CEO, Rumors has it that the was a young Venda guy by the name Mulaudzi, he was part of the team that came up with the name DACOM,

Mulaudzi referred to DACOM, as his baby, his number 1 project, one faithful night, his girlfriend called and asked what’s he busy with, and he said his baby was giving him problems, to her surprise, she asked what  baby is he talking about and he giggled and said Vo’Dacom, my project.

The name kinda resonated in his head, Alan overhead the name in the office and he liked it and with that, in that moment, the name VODACOM was partially accepted.

In 1994, VODACOM was discovered by Alan, or was it Mulaudzi. So perhaps we really have been misled by Venda People.

Speaking to the current Vodacom CEO, denies all the rumours, and claims all of these have been made up, Social media reacted to allegations, asking what if Vodacom is really DACOM and we are only been mislead by Venda speaking people.

However, DACOM is a real company, a Farm Intelligence that develops and supplies specialized data driven advisory services and sensor equipment to arable farms and agribusiness around the world.