Tshiamo Taunyane and Debra Taunyane (Mr and Mrs Mogopa 2016)

What a beautiful event it was, out here in Mogopa Village – site of Ventersdorp (Yes this is my home – originally). Mr and Miss Mogopa was help on the 29th of October 2016, organised by the Management, made possible by the community of Mogopa Village.

Year after Year, the village hosts a ‘Mr and Miss Mogopa’ competition which allows anyone who’s interested to participate – all sizes, all races, all nationalities – no discrimination, no favors but a fair and square competition. Usually they’d look for 10 girls and 10 guys to participate.

Then, top 5 for each gender to Top 3… which will intern reveal 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. The competition is more about attitude, the sizz, the x factor than it is about body shape which is a good thing, I wish I could’ve entered to represent men with fat bellies.

The event was however supposed to start at 6pm, winded up started at 9:30pm – 10:00pm (Even so, the event was a success)

When it started it was only a few of us, but an hour later, it was a full house, Big up for that MGP. The line up was up to par, minor cliches there and there, issues with the appointed MC, as he had errands to run and quick replacement became a bit of an issue, but I like how things worked out in the end.

Names are subjected to verification, as for people in 2nd and 3rd place in regard to both genders.

But… having said all that, congratulations to ¬†our very own Mr and Miss Mogopa, Tshiamo and Debra who coincidentally share the same surname, well deserved.

I also have to give props to the Judges, namely: (Monki, Tshuli, and the other judge – names are subjected to verification).

For MGP Residents, An edited version of the video will be available as soon as 5pm, 30 October 2016 – Ask Peter Mokaleng / Isaac More, it’s free. An hour long is the duration.

I cannot wait for the 2017 Event, which 8C will sponsor (8c.co.za will sponsor the 2017 Mr and Miss Mogopa, with most necessities – a month prior the event, speak to Isaac More in 2017 for sponsorship of this event)

For all inquiries email admin@8c.co.za