The Most exciting episode on Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam has become one of the best popular soapies in South Africa. The only soapie that focus on the youth of South Africans and life as it is.

Skeem Saam writers and directors keeps us at the Edge of our sits and wonder what will happen next. How can we ever the WEDDING – and whole Darika scene. That was the one scene that kept us wondering and hoping that nothing wrong was ever gonna happen.

Mr and Mrs Maputla. (One of the most interesting scenes on Television)

Finally the wedding is done, so it was actually fly who saved Leeto’s life. This was a beautiful wedding. What could ever go wrong. Darika is on the move though it doesn’t stop here. I am actually typing this while watching so, please bare with me.SkeemSaam184

Oh Ringo Madlingozi, singing one of his old beautiful songs, This is definitely something to remember for a lifetime. So, now that Mr and Mrs Maputla, take to the dance – what could ever go wrong ? My curiosity is building on. Darika just realized that Leeto’s still alive – now he’s definitely on the move, he arrives at the scene, He’s honestly pissed. Oh, back and fourth to Ringo Madlingozi doing his own thing, This is amazing – I will never forget this episode.

With 4 minutes left what could ever go wrong, I see everyone’s having fun, but something is definitely about to happen. My youngsters are onto girls, with Ringo’s song in the background. Amazing!!! Less than 3 minutes, and there’s birds, cloudy skies, flowers, and a Gun shot!

Nooooooo… Leeto’s been shot !

Was that something and finally Leeto got even better, however living Lizzy paralized and Mangaliso deserted.


skeem saam rachieIsn’t so noticeable that she’s gone missing from scenes, we suppose Limpopo varsity is really keeping her busy. She probably her last fat cake by now which was giving to her by her mother.



So much is going on on Skeem Saam, But because I am a true fan and keep the love going, I am going to share this today! (Check out Skeem Saam Teasers for April)

Skeem saam is on SABC 1 Week Days at 18:30



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