The Isibaya star, Celeste Ntuli, takes a break from the soapie

Speaking to TshisaLive The Comedian and Isibaya Actress confirmed her indefinite departure from the soapie, However she has no idea if she’ll ever return.

“It has been an incredible journey but I have decided to take a break from the show. I don’t know when I will return or if I will ever return. I am still in discussions with the show’s producers to iron everything out, but it is a break that I felt I really needed to take,”

She was currently juggling Isibaya with her comedy career – and found it difficult to work around ’em. She explained that “The characters are just so different. I would have to be someone on screen today and someone completely opposite on stage the next. It got a little exhausting,”

She Joked and said her mom would disown her if she left the soapie, no matter the effort the family took to convince her not to leave, she sadly left Isibaya.

“I will miss the show and the fans so much but this is an opportunity for me to grow and to maybe work on projects. Like my idea for a sitcom that I haven’t had the time to develop properly,”

She will continue to film until end of June, and she will continue to appear on Isibaya until August.


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