The blog wasn't duped into publishing an untrue story about Kelly Khumalo, it was on purpose

A random blog online that went viral after having published an untrue story about Kelly Khumalo. The Blog stated that she was Pregnant with Arthur Mofokate’s baby.

The blog writes: “Kelly confirmed that she is three weeks pregnant”  and that of cause the father was the King of Kwaito – who’s company recently won a Metro FM award.

But yet again, Kelly Khumalo is never Pregnant, she’s not looking forward having a baby right now.

“This is a joke right?! It better be coz if it’s not weZinja Ingabe nangifunani? (you dogs, what do you want from me?),”  Kelly writes on Instagram.

She continues to write:

“This time around ngizonibonisa unyoko nijwayele ukubhala amasimba ngami ngithule (this time around I’m gonna show you your mother you’re used to writing sh** about me and I keep quiet), you will give a me date, time and place of where @arthurmafokate got me pregnant and how, or I must be Virgin Marry got pregnant by the holy spirit, I hope to God you have proof of such serious allegations, ngizonibonisa unyoko!!!! (I will show you your mother).”





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