#TaxiRape: In front of her 10 year old son, she was raped.

Not only was she raped, she was robbed, as three men in the taxi forced her to give them the ATM card and PIN number and withdrew money from her account several times.

Through the trauma the mother of a 10 year old was concern about her son. “Then I could not imagine the whole time that I was there was praying that they wouldn’t even touch him.”

The incident took hours as she told EyeWitnessNews: “I didn’t like what happened to me and I don’t think any of us is okay with that.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating a rape case and several other similar incidents. “Sometimes it feels like our justice system is not there for us.”

There are a million of views from the story as most fear this is where it will end.

Here are the views:

“Unfortunately this will not result in 200 headline stories, as the perpetrators aren’t YT’s – no rayce-baiting mileage to be had.. But a YT shouting at a woman in front of her kids is the END OF THE WORLD, compared to a woman getting raped in front of her kid… Just underlines how pathetic SA has become..”

“This will be the last we will hear of this story. It will not be worked into another article, it will not be reprinted for the next 2 weeks. However in the Spur article every second sentence we need to be reminded that a white man and a black woman was involved. Sensationalism and biased is at the order of the day in journalism.”

“Exactly, journalists should just tell the story, not steer you to a conclusion. And before someone says race is part of the story, why is race never mentioned in articles such as these? Obviously if the guy at Spur had hurled a racial slur at the woman, then fair enough, mentioning race is justified. But nothing like that happened there. It would be like hinting that the woman in this article was raped because she was provocatively dressed, that would be completely irresponsible and also irrelevant.”

“It’s funny how you are accusing the media of race baiting when you turn around and do the very same thing, Hypocritical much? This is a very traumatic event that this woman had to go through, and all you can contribute to this debate is by bringing in something totally unrelated!!! A race issue!!!

What were you hoping for? The people ignore the comment and discuss the issue at hand or were you hoping to stir up the “likes” and responses which will stir up another race debate.

Well your objective seemed to have been the latter as evidenced by how many people have fallen for your bait, including myself.

I suggest next time you try to stir racial tensions into an unrelated matter you atleast stop with the hypocritical nonsense and throw it as it is”

You almost hit the bulls eye there for a second. It’s true, human beings (not just SA) like juicy and saucy stories, regardless of merit. The Spur story had proof, videos to circulate on FB, whatsups etc and twitter.
Looked from a different angle, between the Khardashians and Bill Gate’s philanthropy, who should get more media mileage? ask yourself why?

I wonder if this will make headlines now for the next two weeks like the Spur incident? Oh wait, the rapist wasn’t white.

Some even brought up the Sesethu Video Saga and how they hope this story would be as viral. (See: Sesethu’s views)

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