What South Africa Needs… (The Most recent talked about topic #WhatSouthAfricaNeeds)

In the early hours of this morning the trend started about what South Africa need in terms of anything. and below are the opinions of what people said: (#WhatSouthAfricaNeeds)

  • A lot of job opportunities for everyone not ‘aboMzala'(friend)
  • Free Access To The Internet
  • University that teaches African history, by Africans, For Africans
  • The death penalty for convicted rapists. That is the one crime that can never be excused
  • To stop ‘racializing’ everything. We also need more reconciliation methods that will help unite us.

Most opinion have been trending on twitter, however this is mostly black twitter, just had to mention it. More opinions were as follows, what South Africa need is

  • educated youth to run the country. Imagine… “Young blood political party” life would be so great
  • For government to legalize weed period
  • Active citizens accepting responsibility for improving local issues where they can make a difference.
  • A chastity belt, we BEEN getting fucked from all directions and sides
  • Noah’s flood to wipe us all, then another creation n reproduction.
  • is young active members of Parliament ‘khathele ogogo’ (Tired of )beEFF,DA,ANC etc
  • Donald Trumpbut we already got our own

Some of the top opinions were:

  • An¬†honest leadership, better protection for women and children, better education, less corruption.
  • To stop voting for a party that doesn’t deliver!!
  • For the government to stop using Apartheid as a scapegoat into poor performance and lack of accountability.
  • A President who can count numbers
  • To do is redistribute wealth in this country. We enjoy Equality but Dololo Equity.
  • is to Recognize and appreciate Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe for what he has done for this country
  • Teach our sons that a penis and masculinity does not entitle them to any Woman’s body. Ligotshwa lisemanzi bakithi.
  • Men who Respect Women
  • Is for companies to stop advertising jobs knowing very well those posts already have names on them

These are just a few which picked our interest:

  • To distribute free pads to schools and sell condoms instead. Not vice versa
  • To stop pointing fingers and justifying the actions of cowards. Check yourself first and lead by example.
  • To stop trying to “minimize” the poverty gap by over taxing the middle class and feeding the upper class.
  • Is a strong Justice system,that will find Zuma guilty of all the crimes he committed to this country.
  • young entrepreneurs that’ll create job opportunities for others South Africans and become leaders of Tomorrow.

Tell us by the comment below, what do you think What South Africa Needs ?