Rihanna takes over the internet with Anti, the long-awaited eighth album

Rihanna breaks the internet with Anti, the long-awaited eighth album

Anti is now available through Tidal. It’s a deal worth $25m that made the premiere of Anti possible – which was signed by Rihanna – Thus in the first week of it’s release, Anti will only be available through Tidal (The Streaming service led by Rapper Jay Z of which Riri is a partner)

The deal signed with South Korean electronic giant Samsung has set up an Anti interactive website accessible on its smartphones.Rihanna’s Anti Album features a single “Work” with chart-topping rapper Drake and the song is set to “tropical house”, the electronic genre that has become popular in the past year.

The Song displays and shows Riri’s feeling taken advantage of in a relationship, whereas, The “Hotline Bling” rapper, Drake raps of his tussle to find intimacy.


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