Kota Inn – The Business Idea to get you started (The Famous Kota Sandwich)

Affectionately‘ known as Sphatlo in the townships, Kota is one of the famous Sandwiches in South Africa. This local Specialty, Sphatlo, has long been our favorite, and rumors has it that, it was started by Indian people in South Africa, however they seem to have come up with the name, Bunny-chow (Not quite axiomatic that it’s anywhere near the truth)

Someone out there, will definitely have Spatlo for the first time – The every man’s solution to hunger, the Sphatlo is a sandwich that is more or less the size of my little niece head. Filled with sausage, potato fries, and acho (pickled mango), it is topped off with a fried egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce and a slathering of tomato sauce (ketchup).


One of many successful Business is Kwami Catering in Midrand, 11 Coubrough Road Noordwyk Midrand, GP 1687, 

If you dialed them (084 620 9266/ 073 520 2236), you’ll Indulge is the name of this kota.
For only R30, contains atchar, polony, chips,cheese, an egg and russian sausage with your choice of sauces. Get it daily at Kwami Catering.



It seems the Kotas are the most famous fast food in S.A and anybody with the right idea implementation can start off a good business in this area of business.

There are tons of ideas, some of which are stated by the South African Entrepreneur Mag, like one can Create A Uniquely South African Drink or Start A Business That Educates or The online Business. 

In the Business industry is all about spotting the gap, once you find, and you fill it, your business will reach the highest heights.


A lot of business struggle to get off the ground, you can help out these young fellows start their at ease by donating a minimum of R1 to help raise R40 000, Founded by Lebogang Tshidi and Letlhogonolo Seleke.

They are both unemployed, “…setting this business off the ground won’t just help us but it will change other people’s lives as well because one of our aims is to employ young South Africans as well.The purpose of our business is to sell sandwiches to University and College students around the city of Pretoria.We need donations to be able to buy all the cooking equipment we need and to lease a place where we are going to operate.Your donations will be highly appreciated.Thank you in advance

Said the two young ambitious entrepreneurs.  If you would like to be a part in starting this business off the ground please DONATE NOW.



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