Jennifer Aniston's Mother, Nancy Dow, Dies 79.

Jennifer Aniston’s Mother – Nancy Dow, Dies 79. Nancy was an actress, model and gave birthday to a superstar, Jennifer Aniston.  The woman was in the 1960’s show The Beverly Hillbillies’ (This series follows the Clampett family from the Ozarks to posh Beverly Hills after they strike oil and become millionaires. Banker Mr. Drysdale tries to keep them from foolishly spending their newfound wealth, and he also tries to “civilize” them — usually succeeding in making a fool of himself in the process.) and ‘Wild Wild West (Charming gunslinger James West and Artemus Gordon, an inventor and master of disguise, are the country’s first Secret Service agents, traveling the Old West at the behest of President Ulysses S. Grant, fighting villains, encountering beautiful women and dealing with fiendish plots to take over the world.)

She suffered a long illness along with series of strokes in 2011.

When she died, she was surrounded by family and friends Aniston and her brother John, that’s according to the statement released on PEOPLE



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