Generations Actress Manaka Ranaka who plays Lucy, Gets involved in a fatal accident

It was reported Last week that the Generations: The Legacy star (Manaka Ranaka who plays Lucy) had knocked over Millicent Mbonani (18), who was crossing a road near the N3 to Durban. It was reported that the Leondale High School pupil was confirmed dead at the scene of the accident by paramedics.

She spoke to Sunday Sun, since the tragic incident, – She was still traumatized.

“I apologised to the family and was forgiven. There’s no animosity in that family. Those are human beings and they understood it was an accident,” she told the paper.

Manaka added that she is haunted by the incident.

“I keep seeing Millicent and it’s hard in my life right now. I’m not in a good space, but I hope God will give them strength,” she added.


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