A concerned South African talks about Sesethu Video [Sarel-Lee Maribana‎ ]

While everyone is so excited about Sesethu’s Video, here’s what Sarel-Lee had to say:

“STOP SHARING THE Sesethu video!!!
For anyone who is helping spread the nude video of the young girl, don’t allow satane to play with you like that. Over and above everything, that is a child who for whatever reasons took a very wrong turn in her young life. That however should not make for comic relief or be a source to get you social media likes and comments. Stop cornering this young girl with your judgment because should she take her life out of shame, you will be crying crocodile tears here.
A girl that young does not just come up with an idea of shooting a sex/nude video. She did it at the demand of a boy child and because this is what we as elders do. We leave our children and siblings at the mercy of the media to raise and act all surprised and holier than thou when such happens. We buy them phones at a young age and don’t bother to supervise what they do with them. The sex talk amongst adults on social media is appalling to say the least…and NO the cucumbers and peaches are NOT subtle at all.
Before you condemn this child, check how many nudes and pornographic videos you have in your phone or how many you have sent. If you won’t reach out and help a CHILD who has lost her way, then kindly refrain from crucifying this child. At this rate it would seem some of you are actually pushing her to suicide just for likes and comments.
I do not in any way or form condone what she did but I can assure you she is not the only one doing this. The moral degeneration of this generation is mind blowing and spirit shuttering at times but heck let us get on with the business of fixing what we can and stop feeding the monster. #SaveSesethu even if its from herself, an uncaring society or negligent parenting if at all that is the cause.
Can we please get that video off social media ASAP by reporting it and not sharing it on whatsapp”



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