Clement Maosa's Girlfriend

Skeem Saam Actor, Clement Maosa, known for his Character, on Skeem Saam (SABC 1) Zamokuhle show’s off his girlfriend. Zamokuhle Kwaito, compared to Clement Maosa have a lot in common I must say. From the gorgeous Lelo to the Gorgeous Girlfriend in reality.

Clement is a 27 Year old actor, born and bred in Limpopo,

Kemo Manyoga, unusual name, but that’s Zamo’s girlfriend, We don’t know a lot about her, all we know is that she’s rolling with Maosa.



She’s so beautiful, Clement is definitely the luckiest. I think I want to be an actor as well, so I can come across such beautiful faces.

Clement Maosa's Girlfriend
Clement Maosa’s Girlfriend

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