Cassper no longer cares about making other people happy, that's his secret to success

As Reported by TIMELIVE, it has been said that Cassper told fans in a series of Instagram Stories this week that he was feeling a lot more “liberated” after he decided to not focus on making other people happy.

“I used to be like, ‘yo, man. These people are not happy for me’. I had to be like; ‘Bro! You are 26 and driving two Bentleys and you are crying about people being unhappy for you? You f**king crazy,”‘ Cassper said in the videos.

Cassper revealed that it got to a point where he had no choice but to “be real” with himself and realign his priorities.

“I had to say,’ All you want is for people to be happy for you? You don’t want to be successful? You don’t want to be a game changer?  You just want people to be happy for you? Get the f**k out of here, man. Get your act together,” Cassper said.

He encouraged his fans to not care what other people thought and to chase after happiness within themselves.

Preach, Cassper, preach!



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