Bonang Matheba's TV Show – New Reality Show – ‘Being Bonang’ starts in July.

Bonang Matheba’s TV Show – New Reality Show – ‘Being Bonang’ starts in July.

She isn’t just a media personality she is also a businesswoman, This amazing B’zang (The Amazing Bonang), has officially announced the greatest news we’ve all been waiting for. The newest TV Reality show – Being Bonang which will focus on her life. Basically, we’ll finally know how is it like to be Bonang, The Queen B, Matheba.

Queen B, announced the news on instagram – “Proud to announce my brand new Reality Show, Being Bonang coming to VUZU AMP this July. Proudly brought to you by Bonang Matheba Entertainment & BarLeader TV. Can’t wait to give a you glimpse into my world…. ”

We are excited to take a look or rather have a vivid glimpse at what happens behind closed doors of the life of our Queen. Yes, The Queen of South Africa, who’s also the love of the most controversial celebrity in South Africa  AKA


We also get to see her love affairs, her day to day routine, this is some exciting stuff.

Some fans are not entirely happy because the show will only be showing on DSTV Premium,