A reputable newspaper allegedly fabricated a story about DJ Sbu

It was recently reported that The Metro FM DJ, Sibusiso Leope had been dumped by his baby mama, Diseko Makatsa.

Most recently Sunday Sun reported DJ Sbu to have found a new love at the University of Johannesburg. A student named, Boitumelo Mahlase, from Milville, in Johannesburg – no matter the specification, DJ Sbu had something to say about this.

Apparently there are sources to this story and they just might be not so reliable as DJ Sbu denies the allegations, and posted on Facebook about how disappointed he is at SundaySun for having allegedly fabricated this story.

DJ SBU Writes:

DJ Sbu

“@SundaySunSA I am very disappointed at your fabricated article about me & a sister I have never met. I don’t know this young lady. I have never met or ever spoke to her in my life. I have never been in a private jet in my life, I do not own one, nor can I afford one.

Your poor journalism destroys lives & inconveniences families on a weekly basis. I am a 36 year old grown man who runs an educationfoundation & does not date students. I respect & help students. I do not mind being accused of things I have done. But not lies I have nothing to do with. I am a very hard working man building a new start up company & a dedicated father.

We just helped raise about R50k for students together with dedicated artists & concerned SA Citizens, you didn’t bother to respond to any of our invites nor write anything posotive to contribute towards our good cause. You never spread any positive word about the wonderful work we continously do to empower our communities.

Your efforts to continously try & destroy my reputation with unfounded baseless stories full of lies & no facts are totally unfair. Not only to myself & my family but to families of the people you keep involving in all these lies.”





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