EN! Mandoza Battles a life threatening disease, CANCER.

Mandoza battles cancer

Mandoza’s wife, Mpho Tshabalala, spoke to TMG Entertainment, and confirmed that the Nkalakatha Kwaito singer indeed has been suffering from cancer since 2015, and she has said he is currently doing well.

Mandoza has been rushed to a hospital twice in two months last year and that when it came to a point that it shone a spotlight into his health issues, it was time they took it serious.

Mandoza has had sinus problems from when he was younger and thus, when he was rushed numerous times to a hospital, they all thought it was due to his long time problem.

Furthermore, Mandoza collapsed at home last year in July of 2015, and went through a sinus operation.

In a stament, Mpho told TMG, “We first found out that he had cancer in May last year after he went for a number of tests‚”

They wanted to keep the news off the public, and so they can deal with this as a family. Mpho, who is the Kwaito Star’s wife, explains further, “He suffered with his eyes for a few months and was in-and-out of hospital until doctors detected the cancer. Luckily they detected it early and he was able to go for treatment immediately‚

She confirmed that mandoza has gone through cancer treatments and that he’s currently doing fine. “He has officially been declared cancer free‚ which is amazing. Mandoza is doing much better and is even back in studio working on new music.

Mpho explained further that, when her husband was told that he’s cancer free, he was over joyous.

There’s no other way to describe it other than he was overjoyed. He always says that he is happy that he didn’t become a victim of cancer and that he won the battle‚

Mpho says it’s with God’s grace that they have passed these days, and explain further that Mandoza is currently working with cancer organizations to help raise the awareness.

He wants to educate people about cancer. If doctors didn’t detect the cancer early he could have died. He wants people to move away from the stigma that comes with such diseases.

This is the best news ever. Sunday World Reports.



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