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Eating more can help you lose weight. [Believe it or Not]

Entertainment February 9, 2016

I read this article on Dischem about loosing weight, and Contrary to popular belief, restrictive diets don’t work. Eating less is not only a drag, but it’s also impossible to keep up in the long run.

When you go on a diet, your brain sends a signal to your body that you’re in starvation mode.

Now this makes a lot of sense – starving yourself slows you down – the idea isn’t to starve yourself – it’s just to cut down the amount of food you eat and substitute ’em with healthier food, you know, the green stuff.

Your body responds by holding onto fat stores while using muscle to provide the energy it’s not getting.

See? If you starve yourself you’ll stay fat – the body stores your fat and uses the muscle for energy. Never go hungry just eat healthy.

Less muscle means a slower metabolism, since the less muscle you have, the less fat you burn.

Does it make sense now – your body need all the healthy food full with Nutrition to work twice as hard. If you eat healthy you can lose weight by doing absolutely nothing. Don’t over eat, it’s even a sin if you read your bible 🙂 gluttony is a sin.

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Restricting food intake also places your body under stress, making you more likely to store fat in areas like your stomach – which is exactly what you’re trying to prevent!

Waaait What ? Eat Eat and Eat people, we don’t need a fat belly – especially for a man that not so bad as oppose to a woman. Ah enough with that – we need to eat healthy and exercise.


Here’s some fun Facts!!

Drop Kilos Without The Hunger Pangs

The beauty of eating more is that you never feel like you’re being deprived or missing out. You won’t feel like eating junk, since you’re feeling full all the time from eating all those healthy whole foods. And even if you do indulge, your rampedup metabolism will be able to burn it off.

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Here are some tips to get it right:

Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast and have a healthy snack 2–3 hours later:
Keep the snack small, and try to incorporate some protein, like cottage cheese or a boiled egg.
Eat a balanced lunch and another healthy snack 2–3 hours later:
What about some carrot sticks and hummus? That way you can snack and eat your veggies!

Enjoy lots of salad or veggies at dinner :
Dinner should be a lighter meal, so aim to fill half your plate with vegetables, and add some lean protein and healthy carbs.

Hungry before bed? A light snack could help you sleep better
Reach for whole grains and lean protein instead of potato chips and cookies.

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Listen to your body. If you’re hungry … EAT!

Losing weight should be about progress, not suffering. Don’t ever let yourself get to the point of being ravenously hungry or you’ll probably end up eating way more than you planned.


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