Dineo Ranaka’s twitter drama got a girl a matric dance dress #MatricDanceForMissMnisi

The unapologetic Dineo

Dineo Ranaka caused quite a stir when she replied to a young matric pupil whose twitter handle is Miss Mnisi. Her tweet reply got the nation blazing with fire.

Miss Mnisi simply asked for a matric dance dress donation directly to Dineo, and, she replied “A matric dance should be the VERY least of your stresses. The aim is not to look rich but to be rich #education1st.” (sic)


The Hashtag #MatricDanceForMissMnisi started to trend, and there were so many fans who were not so happy about Dineo’s reply. But the fierce dinny didn’t back down

Just when we least expect it, it at the end took a different positive turn, when so many users offered to help. Well, everyone loves a happy ending.

A BEAUTIFUL ENDING…. at the end.


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