Deodat Kritzinger is the ‘Mlungu’ kids whose got ‘black owned’ moves, excuse the pun, wows the crowd


The TUT student is at it again, busting some moves during a dance off. The kid who is now identified as Deodat Kritzinger, dances like no other. He dances kasi style and wowed the crowed, left ’em screaming for more. The video that went viral was shared by Ike Bam.

He is amazed as the videos reached over 100K views.

“I’ve seen some of the responses on the video and it’s incredible. It’s crazy how a video of a guy dancing and getting embraced by his fellow students can reignite people’s love for our awesome country!”  says Deodat.

The First video was posted by Eya Umlazi

reaching over 200K Views


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