DA taking over Jo’burg, Tshwane and Midvaal: Election Results

Current Stats – Election Results

Could it be that DA might just take over Tshwane, Midval and Johannesburg, It seems it has already claimed Midvaal.

Johannesburg and Tshwane has long being ruled and governed by ANC, with the current status of votes, so far with 71% of Votes counted, DA is standing at 41.5% while ANC is leading with just 0.2% of votes

Whereas in Tshwane, where people are supposedly unhappy with ANC, with only 76.6% votes counted, DA is leading with 43.9%, ANC follows with about 2% less.

Whereas in Midvaal DA has taken over with 59.6% and ANC following with 32.1% with 100% of votes counted.

Johannesburg 71% Complete
41.7% ANC
41.5% DA

Tshwane 76.6% Complete
43.9% DA
41.2% ANC

Midvaal 100% Complete
59.6% DA
32.1% ANC



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