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Cutting Edge is the first of its kind in the country a 24 minute investigative programme in African languages.

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The programme depicts the story of a South African youth, providing a voice to the usually voiceless ordinary youth of Mzansi. Development journalism distinguishes Cutting Edge from other similar programmes in the country: confrontational but shying away from the aggressive approach, fair but also challenging the status quo.

The show is here to inform, educate, empower and uplift tomorrow is nation.  It presents realities of life as they present themselves from corruption, health, education, labour, politics, arts and culture and sports.  The Cutting Edge team is out there to report the story behind the story of the day telling it like it is.  At the time when the South African media is divided along racial and political lines, Cutting Edge says: Our first obligation is to the truth and our first loyalty is to African citizens.

CUTTING EDGE is without a presenter and, is driven by strong content and punchy narrative.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. kznwatch

    August 31, 2016 at 9:27 am

    I wish to share a problem on behalf of a friend of mine:
    She was allocated a house in a new suburb where many of the homes have now already been completed. At the time my friend was allocated the house, she received documentation which stated on it the number of the house she was allocated.
    Sometime ago, a neighbour, who had been allocated a house in this new suburb too, shortly before my friend, moved into one of the newly completed homes. My friend was quite excited because she assumed she would not have long to wait to move into her new home too. But the months went by and she heard nothing.
    My friend’s son then went to visit the neighbour to see whether the house allocated to his mother was also nearing completion. My friends’ son checked the numbers of houses partially and already completed, to see whether his mother’s house were amongst these. He could not believe his eyes when he saw that the house number allocated to his mother, was not only completed, but it was already occupied by others. He took a photo of the house, showing the number of the dwelling, which according to his mothers’ documentation, had been allocated to her and not to those currently occupying it. My friends’ son then went to the municipality and pointed out this discrepancy. From what I understand they were not very polite to him, but he remained calm and on getting home, told his mother that she should consider drawing this to the attention of Cutting Edge, because it seems that it was not only through an error, that his mother had been overlooked, but that her house had probably been given to someone else through dishonest practices, which bears investigating. My friend has been waiting for over ten years for a house, currently residing in a small one-roomed temporary corrugated house, normally flooded out when it rains.
    If indeed my friends’ son is correct in what he has reason to believe occurred, would you kindly let let her know, what procedure she should follow to have this investigated by Cutting Edge? She needs help as after 10 years, when a new road was built through Clermont (opposite New Germany) her home was demolished and she had to move to Inchanga into a temporary house. My friend has all the documentation to support an investigation and she can be reached by telephone.

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