‘Court ruling honours Madiba’s final wishes’: Royal House of Mandela

NOVEMBER 8, 2013 mandelaspot: Getting ready: Army troops wait around outside former President Nelson Mandela's Qunu home for the arrival of his body on Saturday. Hundreds of troops and police have taken up strategic positions around the homestead and village to secure the area before the arrival of mourners from all over the world later this week Picture: David Macgregor
Troops wait around outside former President Nelson Mandela's Qunu home.

The Grandson of the late iconic Nelson Mandela spoke on behalf of the Royal House of Mandela when he declared that the court ruling honours Mabiba’s final wishes, that the Qunu residence to be managed by his estate.

“The family is grateful that this saga has now come to a close and trusts that uMakhulu Winnie will make peace with the judgement and desist from any further actions that may be perceived as amounting to deep disdainful of Madiba’s legacy and final wishes. “Says Mandla Mandela, “We respect the right of every citizen to legal recourse‚ but it is deeply regrettable that this challenge to his final wishes should have come from someone of her stature and proximity to the family‚”

“The Qunu residence symbolises important phases in his early and late history. Qunu is a symbol of hope to our family‚ the South African people‚ all who supported the International Anti-apartheid Movement‚ and the global community of peace loving people at large.

“Now that the court has issued its ruling we reiterate that justice will always prevail‚ and we pledge to continue upholding Madiba’s legacy and ensuring that the Qunu residence retains its pride of place‚” he added.


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