Confirmed: Jub Jub to be released at the end of the year.

Jub Jub

It has been reported by Sunday world that Jub Jub is set to be released soon. He, and his friend, Themba Tshabalala have already served 4 years and are now eligible for an early release on parole, believed to be late this year 2016, or early next year 2017, in January.

The two were jailed after crashing their car into a group of school kids, in the mid 2012. However there has been a report that the Correctional Services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo, has confirmed that the ‘Ndikhokhele bawo’ rapper will be considered for parole in December.

He said: “In terms of policy, an offender does not apply but will automatically be considered for possible placement on parole once a certain portion of the sentence has been completed” says Xumalo “In this case the offender will be considered after completion of half the sentence which is in 2016,

The families of the deceased, won’t accept his parole, however it has been said that other families are willing to accept it for as long as he apologizes first – according to timeslive.

He must rot in jail. But if the government wants to release him, they can do so. He didn’t bother to apologise for what he did…I don’t need his apology and he must stay there for the rest of his life.




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