Boity Thulo Comes clea as to what we think we saw #SAMAs


At SAMAs #SAMA22, where all the glitz and glamour was expected, the unexpected happened. Boity thulo’s picture trending as we had seen, what appeared to be her private parts, however, Boity came clean about it on facebook.

“I’ve realized that the most body shaming comes from fellow women. I will not allow your projection to make me dislike MY body. I am in love with my body and I will dress it as I please. Your obsession and double standards of the female body is tiring.”

Boity explains she would never wear anything that will shame women.

“I will not wear something that does not make me happy for the sake of pleasing people who are angry at how comfortable I am in my skin. I encourage women to dress as they please, in whatever they feel comfortable in. You do not share your body with anyone. So it’s not your business to please someone else because of their own discomforts. If I have a problem with my thighs, my boobs, my ass, my legs, my scars, my hair…i will be the one to worry about them and ‘fix’ the issue as I please. ”

“Please stop encouraging the behaviour of making your anger and projection another person’s problem. My body and how I dress it should not effect you in any way. We do not share the body nor do we make a joint effort in clothing it. Stop. Body. Shaming. Thanks.”

She explains the picture to have been photoshoped.

“I mean, it was so clearly photoshopped, anyone can see that. I would never wear a dress that was so skimpy as to show my vagina,”

Clearly Boity went viral for all the wrong reasons.


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