Blue Adidas Sneakers – Yay or Nay ?

Blue addidas sneakers3

The Blue ADIDAS ORIGINALS MEN’S footwear, Growing up, I only knew of two colors of sneakers, either black or white, I didn’t know the world was open to such variety of different colors of sneakers until I was at my late earlier teen years.

Blue addidas sneakers

I must say there is definitely something about the blue color, especially on a sneaker, in particularly this one. I love it. However, each sneaker deserves it’s own pants and T-Shirt,

Blue addidas sneakers2

Blue addidas sneakers3

Do let me know what you think of this, is it a yay or a nay ?

These sneakers are available in various shoe store and available for R1299 at sportscene, and comes with sizes from 6 to 11.

Blue addidas sneakers4


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