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[Lyrics] Lyrics: Drake- Get It Together Lyrics Ft Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

Uncategorized March 21, 2017

Lyrics to Get It Together by Drake Ft Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

[Verse 1: Jorja Smith]
I’ve been hurt so many times
It got to a point
When I decided
I can’t do this anymore
I need someone to hold me
I need someone that needs me
I need someone that loves me

[Hook: Drake & Jorja Smith]
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to
You need me to

[Verse 2: Jorja Smith]
You know, we don’t have to be dramatic
Just romantic
Do all the little things, little things, little things
That excites me
And as your woman
Give me a kiss goodnight
On the phone
When you’re working late
When you’re out of town
Tell me how much you need this
‘Cause we deserve it
We can be together

[Hook: Drake & Jorja Smith]
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to (Yeah, oh-oh, yeah)
You need me to (Yeah)
You need me to

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Joe Mafela dies aged 75 – Here’s what happened.

Entertainment March 19, 2017

South Africa was saddened in the early hours of this morning by the sudden death of the Legendary Actor and Musician Joe Mafela, who was popularly known as sdumo.

Mafela, Actor, was only 75, and it is believed he was involved in a car crush last night,

He was born and raised in Sibasa, Limpopo, Born in 1942.

As the News unfolded, Joe wasn’t killed by the car crash injuries, but a medical condition, “The injuries were not visible… it looks like it could have been a medical condition,” Said Edna Mamonyane, The Johannesburg Metro Police spokeswoman.

The accident occured at night, just about 21:45 on Saturday on the M1 highway between Oxford Road and Houghton along a passage of road where construction is underway.

“Mr Mafela was driving a Ford Figo… He collided into the back of a bakkie on his left hand side.” What had happened is the bakkie driver then lost control and went into the barricade, with its rear Tyre breaking off, “When paramedics arrived on the scene, Mr Mafela had passed on.”

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Bonang Matheba’s TV Show – New Reality Show – ‘Being Bonang’ starts in July.

Entertainment March 17, 2017

Bonang Matheba’s TV Show – New Reality Show – ‘Being Bonang’ starts in July.

She isn’t just a media personality she is also a businesswoman, This amazing B’zang (The Amazing Bonang), has officially announced the greatest news we’ve all been waiting for. The newest TV Reality show – Being Bonang which will focus on her life. Basically, we’ll finally know how is it like to be Bonang, The Queen B, Matheba.

Queen B, announced the news on instagram – “Proud to announce my brand new Reality Show, Being Bonang coming to VUZU AMP this July. Proudly brought to you by Bonang Matheba Entertainment & BarLeader TV. Can’t wait to give a you glimpse into my world…. ”

We are excited to take a look or rather have a vivid glimpse at what happens behind closed doors of the life of our Queen. Yes, The Queen of South Africa, who’s also the love of the most controversial celebrity in South Africa  AKA


We also get to see her love affairs, her day to day routine, this is some exciting stuff.

Some fans are not entirely happy because the show will only be showing on DSTV Premium,







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Our Mzansi’s finest Celebrities with their own TV Shows

Entertainment March 17, 2017

Berseba – Indeed, our hottest most talked about celebrities in South Africa, one of each have scooped a TV Show and wowed our mzansi’s audience, with their charisma and most of which we’ve fallen totally in love with.

Taking a look back and not forgetting some of our current favorite shows. Let’s dwell in some of our favorites…

(Courtesy of The Juice)

  • Fly Chix 
  • Papa Penny Penny Ahee
  • Mandla and Lexi 
  • Living The Dream With Somizi 
  • Dineo’s Diary 
  • Rolling with… 
  • So What: Big money, big dreams 

Fly Chicks according to The Juice They were like our very own Fifth Harmony. And, more importantly, they gave us Denise Zimba. It is sad that it didn’t last long but oh well.

Papa Penny Penny Ahee – Some people I know hate that they love this show, when it first aired no one could’ve predicted it would last this long and be as popular.

Mandla and Lexi – Who dares to forget our favorite couple from Big Brother Mzansi, Mandla and Lexi.

Living The Dream With Somizi Who would honest hate Somizi – On the real – He is one of the most exciting and funny Characters in our little tiny television screens.


Dineo’s Diary – 

We miss all the Drama. Dineo Ranaka spoke to Citizen a while back and said “I am no longer confused, I am content with the woman I have become, flaws and all,”

We watched Dineo’s Diary and followed it, and we saw in every episode how interesting her journey was, with so much laughter, the pain, the yelling, the cursing – It was just a huge box full of surprises, you’d never know what to expect next.

Rolling with… – We sure did roll with Kelly Khumalo, Zola 7, and Winnie Khumalo – seeing and knowing where they come from gave us a clearer idea of their lives.

So What: Big money, big dreams – Remember this? Yes, once upon a time, the Sushi King was a reality star. There was the A-list events, the girls, the cars and the money. And, of course, the very entertaining Kenny Kunene himself.





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Cassper no longer cares about making other people happy, that’s his secret to success

Entertainment March 15, 2017

As Reported by TIMELIVE, it has been said that Cassper told fans in a series of Instagram Stories this week that he was feeling a lot more “liberated” after he decided to not focus on making other people happy.

“I used to be like, ‘yo, man. These people are not happy for me’. I had to be like; ‘Bro! You are 26 and driving two Bentleys and you are crying about people being unhappy for you? You f**king crazy,”‘ Cassper said in the videos.

Cassper revealed that it got to a point where he had no choice but to “be real” with himself and realign his priorities.

“I had to say,’ All you want is for people to be happy for you? You don’t want to be successful? You don’t want to be a game changer?  You just want people to be happy for you? Get the f**k out of here, man. Get your act together,” Cassper said.

He encouraged his fans to not care what other people thought and to chase after happiness within themselves.

Preach, Cassper, preach!

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