Binnelanders Teasers March 2016

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Binnelanders Teasers March 2016

Tuesday 1 March 2016
Episode 1282/2413

Pippa realises what has happened, and Morné shares his news with the Ferreira’s. Karli hears the girls are looking for a new flatmate, and Gustav loses his temper because of his situation at work. Annelize’s head is not at Proxmed anymore, while At is even more suspicious of Rossouw. A nurse reaches breaking point.

Wednesday 2 March 2016
Episode 1283/2414

Tertius tries to make peace, while Gustav thinks hard about his future. Pippa is not ready to bury her feelings, Morné realises the value of money, and a resignation shakes the foundations of Binneland Clinic. At insists that Rossouw be present the next time the blackmailer phones.

Thursday 3 March 2016
Episode 1284/2415

The results of the pregnancy test are revealed, and At has a new henchman: Frank. Naomi puts her foot down, and Rian and Pippa’s relationship is influenced by the current situation. A new appointment causes a rift, and At makes it clear that he wants to meet the blackmailer in person. Karli realises what is wrong with Herman.

Friday 4 March 2016
Episode 1285/2416

Steve hears about the new appointment, and Daleen’s world is crumbling all around her. Karli holds Ivanka responsible for Gustav’s decisions, while Rossouw and At meet Bobby. Morné’s disappointment doesn’t last long, and Tertius is blamed for Daleen’s behaviour.

Monday 7 March 2016
Episode 1286/2417

Frank’s news makes At unsure about his suspicions, while Annelize makes it very clear how she feels about a certain doctor’s work. Rian realises what Daleen needs, while Bronwyn realises what Annelize’s plan is. Karli wants to discuss her problems with Herman, and Tilda is not very impressed with Tertius.

Tuesday 8 March 2016
Episode 1287/2418

The tension between Annelize and Bronwyn is tangible, and At gets the evidence that he needs. Bronwyn talks to Jana about Annelize, and Pippa is unsure about burying the hatchet. Rossouw gets an offer that he can’t refuse, and it is time for someone to say goodbye to Binneland Clinic.

Wednesday 9 March 2016
Episode 1288/2419

Mikey’s query leaves At and Pippa with their own thoughts. Naomi spells out the rules to the new flatmate, and Herman is uncomfortable with Annelize. Binneland Stereo speculates about what happened to Daleen, and Karli cross examines Herman. Steve asks At to buy him out.

Thursday 10 March 2016
Episode 1289/2420

Everyone is uncomfortable with a man in the house on the first morning, and Esther makes contact with At. Steve shares his plans with Ivanka, and Jana is not sure if she should believe Annelize or Bronwyn. Annelize is not going to make friends easily, and it isn’t easy to get rid of a bullet.

Friday 11 March 2016
Episode 1290/2421

Bronwyn realises what Steve’s plan is, while Karli tries to find out from Adelyn how things are going with the new flatmate. Wimpie has a lot to say about Morné, and Annelize confronts Annelize.

Esther puts pressure on At, and Ivanka talks to Ilse about her plans for the future. An irritated Steve is forced to help At, while Bronwyn breaks her news to Lexi.

Monday 14 March 2016
Episode 1291/2422

Tertius’s anxiety about the future causes him to make a mistake with a patient, and Okkie talks to Ivanka about Ilse. Annelize tries to gain ground, but Jana is not going to make it easy for her. Adelyn wants to report the gunshot victim to the police, and Karli wants to find Herman a girlfriend. Annelize has more than enough reasons to be suspicious.

Tuesday 15 March 2016
Episode 1292/2423

A concerned Ilse checks in with the girls, and At voices a special request regarding the patient to Steve. Annelize asks uncomfortable questions. The teambuilding exercise gains momentum, while Herman is worried about the ER. Shelton invites Lexi to a party, and Annelize wants answers from Steve. Esther gives At a name, and Pippa wants to swop the bandages…

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Episode 1293/2424

Herman tries to support Karli, and Annelize gets a sober awakening. Frank receives another task from At, and Karli reports Morné. Mikey shows Annelize a photo of the missing person, and Naomi is not impressed with Adelyn. Jana and Annelize are at loggerheads over a new doctor, and Wimpie scolds Morné about the noise.

Thursday 17 March 2016
Episode 1294/2425

Esther shares her suspicions with At about Annelize, and Ivanka suggests that Morné gets a job at Nagskof. The Mthunzi chemical plant is discussed, and Annalize offers to help Tertius.

Ilse and Shelton support each other in their longing, and Frank gets information on a company. Annelize wants to blackmail Steve into taking extra shifts, and a patient is caught off guard. Karli tries to bury the hatchet.

Friday 18 March 2016
Episode 1295/2426

Annelize is looking for the truth and she insists that Naomi implements a new file system. Breggie is out of breath and feels her health is not what it is supposed to be, while Karli wants to blow off steam with Tertius. A voice gives a nurse the shock of her life, and Okkie lies to Ilse about Morné.

Monday 21 March 2016
Episode 1296/2427

Frank asks At to make an appointment with Mikey, and Pippa doesn’t tell Rian about her discovery. It is very clear that Tertius and Annelize have an understanding, and Wimpie sabotages Karli’s plans.

Naomi hears something out of context, while the tension between Annelize and Karli is getting out of control. Pippa’s confrontation is interrupted, while Morné’s reality is getting to him.

Tuesday 22 March 2016
Episode 1297/2428

At can’t find Pippa anywhere, while Karli tries to soften up Adelyn and Naomi. Pippa is still very upset, and Annelize’s frustration is building up. A doctor and a patient are stuck in an elevator, while Herman is impressed with a doctor.

Naomi makes Shelton and Liezl feel unwelcome in the flat, while Steve and At are worried about the Malherbes. Pippa doesn’t hold back!

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Episode 1298/2429

Herman is bowled over by Annelize’s stamina, while Naomi’s irritation with Morné grows after another incident at the flat. Esther doesn’t like Pippa’s presence, and Ivanka almost lets the cat out of the bag.

Breggie sees her own ending nearing, and Adelyn has had enough of Naomi’s behaviour towards Annelize. At and Frank don’t buy Esther’s stories, and Steve scares Shelton. Pippa meets Mikey.

Thursday 24 March 2016
Episode 1299/2430

Pippa asks At to move a patient, while Morné finds himself in an uncomfortable situation with Naomi. Breggie only wants Annelize around her, and At thinks it is time to confront Mikey.

Karli does what is expected of her, and Jana has good news for the doctors in ER. Pippa keeps a patient at a distance, while Tertius tries to make Annelize’s burdens lighter.

Friday 25 March 2016
Episode 1300/2431

Naomi is not impressed with a sleepover, and Rian is back in Pretoria. Breggie shows insight and understanding for Annelize’s situation, and Esther makes a unnerving discovery.

Wimpie and Breggie debate on who is the best doctor, while Liezl reminds Morné what he gave up when he moved out at the Ferreira’s. At asks Pippa’s help with Rian, and Frank gives At advice on Esther.

Monday 28 March 2016
Episode 1301/2432

At puts pressure on Pippa, while a call makes thing very clear for Esther. Annelize experiences a personal victory at work, and Lexi realises Shelton’s truth. Esther is not going anywhere without a fight – and she puts her own plans in motion. Tertius offers his flat to Annelize.

Tuesday 29 March 2016
Episode 1302/2433

Karli gets a new place to live, and another phone call makes Esther panicky. A hospital bag could be the fly in the ointment, and Tertius takes out his frustrations on Noami. Morné and Okkie have a heart to heart, and Mikey is not as foolish as he seems.

Wednesday 30 March 2016
Episode 1303/2434

At is not bothered about Esther’s disappearance, while Mikey doesn’t believe Esther’s explanation. Another resignation sends shockwaves through Binneland Clinic, and Steve is not impressed with his brother-in-law.

Pippa is stressed about what she is putting on the line, and Danny evades questions about his future plans. At is shocked in Mikey’s call.

Thursday 31 March 2016
Episode 1304/2435

At is ready to fight back after the threats, while Naomi is trying to convince Tertius to move back to his flat. Rian confronts Pippa, and Tertius needs to ask a friend for forgiveness. Frank has some bad news for At.
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