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Thuthuka Bursary / Scholarship 2018

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KZN Dept of Sports & Recreation Graduate / Internship 2017

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Gauteng Dept of Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation Graduate / Internsh...

The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation is contributing towards skills development by providing opportunities to unemployed graduates to gain work experience in […]

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Capricorn District Municipality Graduate / Internship 2017

The Capricorn District Municipality is embarking on an internship programme that is part of the initiative to address its critical and scarce skills as well […]

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Thabazimbi Municipality Graduate / Internship 2017

The internship provides an opportunity for graduates to gain the necessary application skills as well as “hands on” work experience in all fields of Municipal […]

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#TaxiRape: In front of her 10 year old son, she was raped.

Entertainment 12 hours ago

Crime in SA #TaxiRape

Not only was she raped, she was robbed, as three men in the taxi forced her to give them the ATM card and PIN number and withdrew money from her account several times.

Through the trauma the mother of a 10 year old was concern about her son. “Then I could not imagine the whole time that I was there was praying that they wouldn’t even touch him.”

The incident took hours as she told EyeWitnessNews: “I didn’t like what happened to me and I don’t think any of us is okay with that.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating a rape case and several other similar incidents. “Sometimes it feels like our justice system is not there for us.”

There are a million of views from the story as most fear this is where it will end.

Here are the views:

“Unfortunately this will not result in 200 headline stories, as the perpetrators aren’t YT’s – no rayce-baiting mileage to be had.. But a YT shouting at a woman in front of her kids is the END OF THE WORLD, compared to a woman getting raped in front of her kid… Just underlines how pathetic SA has become..”

“This will be the last we will hear of this story. It will not be worked into another article, it will not be reprinted for the next 2 weeks. However in the Spur article every second sentence we need to be reminded that a white man and a black woman was involved. Sensationalism and biased is at the order of the day in journalism.”

“Exactly, journalists should just tell the story, not steer you to a conclusion. And before someone says race is part of the story, why is race never mentioned in articles such as these? Obviously if the guy at Spur had hurled a racial slur at the woman, then fair enough, mentioning race is justified. But nothing like that happened there. It would be like hinting that the woman in this article was raped because she was provocatively dressed, that would be completely irresponsible and also irrelevant.”

“It’s funny how you are accusing the media of race baiting when you turn around and do the very same thing, Hypocritical much? This is a very traumatic event that this woman had to go through, and all you can contribute to this debate is by bringing in something totally unrelated!!! A race issue!!!

What were you hoping for? The people ignore the comment and discuss the issue at hand or were you hoping to stir up the “likes” and responses which will stir up another race debate.

Well your objective seemed to have been the latter as evidenced by how many people have fallen for your bait, including myself.

I suggest next time you try to stir racial tensions into an unrelated matter you atleast stop with the hypocritical nonsense and throw it as it is”

You almost hit the bulls eye there for a second. It’s true, human beings (not just SA) like juicy and saucy stories, regardless of merit. The Spur story had proof, videos to circulate on FB, whatsups etc and twitter.
Looked from a different angle, between the Khardashians and Bill Gate’s philanthropy, who should get more media mileage? ask yourself why?

I wonder if this will make headlines now for the next two weeks like the Spur incident? Oh wait, the rapist wasn’t white.

Some even brought up the Sesethu Video Saga and how they hope this story would be as viral. (See: Sesethu’s views)

Twitter Reacts:

309 total views, 86 today

A concerned South African talks about Sesethu Video [Sarel-Lee Maribana‎ ]

Entertainment 15 hours ago

While everyone is so excited about Sesethu’s Video, here’s what Sarel-Lee had to say:

“STOP SHARING THE Sesethu video!!!
For anyone who is helping spread the nude video of the young girl, don’t allow satane to play with you like that. Over and above everything, that is a child who for whatever reasons took a very wrong turn in her young life. That however should not make for comic relief or be a source to get you social media likes and comments. Stop cornering this young girl with your judgment because should she take her life out of shame, you will be crying crocodile tears here.
A girl that young does not just come up with an idea of shooting a sex/nude video. She did it at the demand of a boy child and because this is what we as elders do. We leave our children and siblings at the mercy of the media to raise and act all surprised and holier than thou when such happens. We buy them phones at a young age and don’t bother to supervise what they do with them. The sex talk amongst adults on social media is appalling to say the least…and NO the cucumbers and peaches are NOT subtle at all.
Before you condemn this child, check how many nudes and pornographic videos you have in your phone or how many you have sent. If you won’t reach out and help a CHILD who has lost her way, then kindly refrain from crucifying this child. At this rate it would seem some of you are actually pushing her to suicide just for likes and comments.
I do not in any way or form condone what she did but I can assure you she is not the only one doing this. The moral degeneration of this generation is mind blowing and spirit shuttering at times but heck let us get on with the business of fixing what we can and stop feeding the monster. #SaveSesethu even if its from herself, an uncaring society or negligent parenting if at all that is the cause.
Can we please get that video off social media ASAP by reporting it and not sharing it on whatsapp”

1170 total views, 1 today

Sesethu video breaks the internet

Entertainment 16 hours ago

Isn’t it sad what the world has become. There’s a 14 year old who is trending on Social Network known as #Sesethu. What is the story behind the Trend. There’s a video of a 14 year old (Sesethu) – In the video she is self stimulating herself with the hand for pleasure – I guess I too, find it gruesome to be blunt about what she was doing.

Twitter Reacts

It is believed that Sesethu replied to the whole video saga and said she sent that video to her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friend stole it and posted it on Facebook.

A lot of people feel ashamed at the same time sorry for the poor little girl

She continues to trend

A full story to follow (Here’s a look at SA’s Legislation)

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[Lyrics] Lyrics: Drake- Get It Together Lyrics Ft Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

Uncategorized March 21, 2017

Lyrics to Get It Together by Drake Ft Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

[Verse 1: Jorja Smith]
I’ve been hurt so many times
It got to a point
When I decided
I can’t do this anymore
I need someone to hold me
I need someone that needs me
I need someone that loves me

[Hook: Drake & Jorja Smith]
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to
You need me to

[Verse 2: Jorja Smith]
You know, we don’t have to be dramatic
Just romantic
Do all the little things, little things, little things
That excites me
And as your woman
Give me a kiss goodnight
On the phone
When you’re working late
When you’re out of town
Tell me how much you need this
‘Cause we deserve it
We can be together

[Hook: Drake & Jorja Smith]
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to get that shit together
So we can get together
You need me to (Yeah, oh-oh, yeah)
You need me to (Yeah)
You need me to

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Joe Mafela dies aged 75 – Here’s what happened.

Entertainment March 19, 2017

South Africa was saddened in the early hours of this morning by the sudden death of the Legendary Actor and Musician Joe Mafela, who was popularly known as sdumo.

Mafela, Actor, was only 75, and it is believed he was involved in a car crush last night,

He was born and raised in Sibasa, Limpopo, Born in 1942.

As the News unfolded, Joe wasn’t killed by the car crash injuries, but a medical condition, “The injuries were not visible… it looks like it could have been a medical condition,” Said Edna Mamonyane, The Johannesburg Metro Police spokeswoman.

The accident occured at night, just about 21:45 on Saturday on the M1 highway between Oxford Road and Houghton along a passage of road where construction is underway.

“Mr Mafela was driving a Ford Figo… He collided into the back of a bakkie on his left hand side.” What had happened is the bakkie driver then lost control and went into the barricade, with its rear Tyre breaking off, “When paramedics arrived on the scene, Mr Mafela had passed on.”

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