Ashes to Ashes teasers October 2016

ashes to ashes

Ashes to Ashes teasers October 2016

Ashes to Ashes teasers for the month of October will be updated soon here, come back again. We value your Visit.

In Mzansi, funerals can mean big business. From the competition with the casket, the fancy cars and the red carpet to the catering, not forgetting the couture. So far, death has been good to the Namane family who run the popular and prosperous, Namane Funerals. But their luck is about to run out with the arrival of an estranged family member and a dark secret.

The show features

Patrick Shai as Selogilwe ‘Selo’ Namane

Patrick Shai
Patrick Shai takes on the role of the Namane family patriarch. He’s a charismatic, charming, street-smart family man, but he has a drinking and gambling problem.

Nambitha Mpumlwana plays Selo’s wife, Mandlakazi Namane

Nambitha Mpumlwana
Nambitha plays the matriarch of the family. Mandlakazi puts her family above everything and has done some dark deeds in the name of family. She’s always well-presented, warm and cheerful no matter what’s going on behind the scenes.

Nyaniso Dzedze is Tsietsi Namane, Selo and Mandlakazi’s eldest son

Nyaniso Dzedze
Tsietsi also happens to be his parents favourite. He’s good-looking, smooth, charming, and is the heir and head of the family and business. Deep down he’s a sociopath and narcissist who is all about self-gain and power.

Chumani Pan takes on Monwabisi Namane, the last born

Chumani Pan
Monwabisi is the good looking romantic in Ashes to Ashes. He is second best to his older brother Tsietsi. He’s an academic with a master’s degree in psychology. He’s also the grief counselor who comforts and counsels families at the family funeral home.

Zenande Mfenyana (Reba)

Zenande Mfenyana
Reba is a humble romantic from Cape Town. She’s pretty, has inner strength, is self-motivated, curious, and an independent spirit. She has been sheltered and protected by her mother, Nozizwe, who is Mandlakazi’s sister. We ultimately discover the funeral business through her.

More characters in Ashes to Ashes:

Craig Urbani (Mickey)
Head of security at Namane funerals and Selo’s personal bodyguard.

Maggie Benedict (Violet)
Funeral planner at the Namane funeral home who is having an affair with Tsietsi.

Mandla Gaduka (Damien)
He mans the front desk and ensures the daily running of the Namane funeral home office in terms of housekeeping.

Richard Lunkunku (Stitch)
Stitch is a cheerful mortician who takes great pride in his job.


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