Are you voting EFF, ANC or DA – It’s Election Day South Africa 2016

      Who or what are you voting for ?  It’s Election Day

      Are you voting EFF, ANC or DA (The three parties in South Africa that are in the lead)

      A few guidelines by TheDailyVox

      Who gets to sit on the council?

      In municipal elections, you vote for a political party AND a ward councillor (a mixed system of PR and a ward constituency system) to get seats at the municipal level.

      In both local and metropolitan councils, half of the seats are given to the ward councillors (which you voted for on the white paper) and the other half are given to the political parties based on the results of the other papers.

      What do I need to take to the voting station?
      You need to show your green South African ID Book or a temporary identification certificate to the voting officer. This allows the voting officer to verify that you are registered to vote on the voters’ roll.

      If you do not appear on the voters’ roll but have proof that you have registered, this must be validated by the presiding officer. You will then have to fill in a MEC7 form – which is basically a municipal elections form – and can proceed as an ordinary voter.




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