Are you into colour ? How about GREEN adidas Sneakers.

GREEN adidas sneakers

People these days love sneakers that comes in different colors and I, for one, do. Usually you’d get red, white ans black, and sometimes the mixture of the three.

But now, there’s tons of sneakers and all colors you can think of. Now we have the Green Lantern Sneakers, At least that’s what I call them.

Adidas, once again outdid themselves with this amazing Green Sneaker which deserves a definite thumps up.

GREEN adidas sneakers2

Not much of an expert – but these also deserves their own pants and t-shirt. They’d rather look good in white pants, and a black t-shirt. White compliments Green, and vise versa, you can get a green t-shirt but never a green trouser or a jean, but if you do, don’t go all green, that soo Zaka Zulu, but if you do all green oh well, boom boom to that.

GREEN adidas sneakers3

For me, I like them, tell me what you think of the sneaker.

GREEN adidas sneakers4


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