Andile Sithole known as Ndumiso on Scandal, Releases New Single as Ai, titled: “If you Wanna Know”

Andile Sithole (Ai) released a new hit song simply titled: “If you Wanna Know”,  Zack from 8C reviewed the single and had fundamental points to mention:


The Song was unexpected – Apart from the fact that Zack met Andile, and having to compare Andile with Ndumiso (Well known Etv Scandal Charater) as related to the song, would be utter nonsense, as the two are separate.

I was quite astonished when I played the song, it’s a good start for Andile. Although there’s a lot of auto-tune to the song – it brings the whole song together and makes it complete and enjoyable.

Speaking to LightRadioSA.com, he has said:

8c.co.za/etv-scandal/I am set to release my first single titled If You Wanna Know Me on the 1st of May. This is one hip hop track that i am so confident that is gonna take Mzansi and the world by storm. Simple because people have be seeing me on their screen for so many years, and now they are about to hear me on their radios and other music TV stations and on live stage.

Apart from my single, i am working on a full album that is going to drop before the end of this year. Am gonna be doing lots of collaboration in this album project with some South African and international artist.“ 

Although the ‘Rap name’ or rather stage name ‘Ai ?’ is unclear where the name came about – we’ll discuss it in the next article.

Believe it or Not, Andile started his music career in 2000 – Ai, The Rapper, is set to take the mzansi by storm, the song is well received, we looking forward seeing the music video. The Single was produced by Emmygees Production.

The Actor, Singer/Rapper, and a Husband, Ai, is also set to announce his new radio show that is set to hit the air waves soon.

All the best, Ai.


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