America can't stand that Trevor Noah is funnier than Jon Stewart

It’s been how long ? Two Months doing a fantastic job. But the mighty america cannot accept that Jon Stewart served his time and perhaps that Africa has taken the biggest show there is. Since Trevor Noah started the show – America have been ignoring him, and they continue to do so.

The show is now deemed “unessential”  – that it might as well not exist. But Americans though, Let the man be and do what he does best. It’s been just two months and the viewership continues to slide – not that he’s not any good but because america can’t let go off Jon – well boooooo! Trevor is great at what he does.

People might think I feel this way because I am South African – Well No – I have seen the show couple of times – and he’s amazing give the a chance.

Aside from all the BS that’s been going around – There are a few american’s that supports Trevor (By few I don’t mean 10 or 20, I am talking millions – but the boy deserves a couple more millions)

Anyway I am looking forward reading Trevor’s book which is due November 2016


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