AKA and Bonang shares a snap of them Kissing

aka and bonang kissing
AKA and Bonang shares a nap of them Kissing /INSTAGRAM

There has been too many rumors if the two were indeed in love, however after AKA posted a picture of locked in a Kiss, it was quite clear that the two are indeed an item, what had happened was on a Sunday evening Bonang Matheba posted a picture of AKA in studio,

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Just when you think, “Ooh Ok”, an hour later, AKA, post a picture of them locked in a kiss, and this cleared all doubts.


Remember how they both denied it when DJ Zinhle‚ the mother of AKA’s child, wrote on her blog that B, is the reason for their split. However, it might have be the case that maybe then, they were not a couple but after the break up it slowly swayed in that direction.

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But it was clear to the media that the two are either keeping it as a secret, and/or they were still getting into the idea of dating.

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But well, there you go, AKA and Bonang Matheba are officially an Item.


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