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logo-nav-8C.CO_.ZA_ 8c, was launched in November 2015. We carter Entertainment News, Jobs, Forum topics, Teasers and More right here in one place. Below is our website ranking:

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We thrive to improve or website daily, and thus 8c is a great platform for advertising.

NB: 50% deposit is required before ads are placed on our website



Ad-Placement-Example-1728 X 90 Leaderboard as indicated as number.

One placement

  1. Header = R 3.50 per click

Two placements

728 X 90 Leaderboard as indicated as number. (indicate as 1)

  1. R3.50 per click or

728 X 90 Leaderboard (any indicated as 1/3)+ Skyscrapper( indicated as 2)

  1. 3.50 per click

Placing in both 4 places

28 X 90 Leaderboard (1, 1, 3)+ Skyscrapper(2)

  1. R7.50 per click

Skyscrapper alone

  1. R4.50 per click


Prices vary according to traffic increment.

Targeting to reach a number of views

710 – 1,900 Reach (R43)

5,300 – 14,000 Reach   (R450)

9,000 – 24,000 Reach  (R1400)

50,000 – 130,000 Reach  (R7000)

140,000 – 370,000 Reach  (R12000)

390,000 – 1,000,000 Reach  (R50000)


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