Proverb’s ex, Onalerona Moreo opens up about their divorce

Idols, here I come. Entertainer Tebogo ìProVerbî Thekisho is thrilled to be the first black presenter of hit reality show Idols. His lovely wife, Onalerona, couldnít be prouder. Feature text available. (Photo by Gallo Images/Drum/Natalie Payne)
Proverb with his wife Onalerona in happier times /Destiny

Onalerona Moreo  who is getting divorced to Tebogo “Proverb” Thekisho, tells it all on instagram. She first point out her lessons during her marriage and how she is handling things. She writes: 

1. Take responsibility for your part in the break up of your marriage. Own up and apologize .
2. Acknowledge that whatever decision you make , you will have to face the consequences . Joy comes in the morning..

3. Trust God with all your heart
4. Find a hobby
5. Your kids must be a priority – they feed off your energy
6. Cut out people who don’t serve you.
7. Be aware of instant gratification , rather spend more time acknowledging your pain and work through it.
8. Be gracious throughout the experience – you’re a Queen
9. Exercise
10. I’m still on my journey 😝 , I don’t claim to know it all.  Some of my affirmations.

Onalerona, initially didn’t want to talk about her divorce with the superstar, Idols Presenter, Rapper and Entrepreneur, Proverb. She says it’s because she wanted to protect her family ,the father of her kids and everyone involved .

“I often get private massages from lots of women who are reaching out to me and encouraging me. You’ll be shocked at realizing that you are not the first and only one in a turmoil. So 8 months later after I left my marriage , I get requests to speak out about my divorce. The reason why I don’t share much about the experience is to protect my family ,the father of my kids and everyone involved” says Onalerona “I wanted to use my voice to encourage all women out there who are going through a divorce . It feels like death , a loss that only God can restore. I want you to trust me when I say ,there is life after death. No amount of public humiliation has broken me down rather it has given me more strength and power to face anything that life throws at me.”

Onalerona says this was devastating for her, it felt like death, she knew she was about to loose everything and that her life was about to change completely.  

“The first point is to believe that there is a higher power / God who created the universe . When the story broke , I was devastated , I knew I was about to loose everything and my life was going change completely. I would face judgement not only from my families but the entire South Africa. After prayer and meditation , I started celebrating that God chose me to experience all this . Look at every challenge as an opportunity for you to become the greater you. One of my “ahaaaa” moments was to find my purpose on this earth. What a blessing ! I stay praying , I stay empowering myself and I stay affirming myself .” She Writes.


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