10 Years in the Industry – Pearl Modiadie.

Pearl Modiadie

Pearl Modiadie Celebrates 10 Years in the industry, she recently posted an  instragram picture explaining her amazing journey through the walk. Modiadie started off as an extra on Backstage and Generations, has she been an audience member of the YOTV, because she got the recognition.

“Before my television career took off, I was an extra on Backstage and Generations, I was also a studio audience member on a lot of shows including YOTV, Jam Alley and The Felicia Show. I loved it, it was fun, but I always knew that one day I would be like the hosts whose shows I went to.” says Pearl “I understood how important my role was as an extra and audience member, but my heart was set on being on set, talking into camera. I wasn’t there to watch people live their dreams, I was there to observe and learn.”

Remember Felicia, pretty much the first lady who presented on our small screen about South African issues, The lady inspired Pearl, and she played a major role in her life, she expains

“One day on The Felicia show ignited the fire in me to become a talk show host! I looked at Mam’ Felicia with so much admiration and respect. I loved the way in which she carried herself, the way she facilitated conversations… From politics, to social issues and entertainment, I was in awe of her and how through a TV talk show,she was able to bring South Africans together.”

“Most importantly, the impact that her show had on me and the millions of South Africans who would watch from their homes.”

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Pearl, started off her career path on etv as a host for Sistahood, Shiz Niz and Craz-e World Live, not forgetting Frenzy. The Journey wasn’t easy but she managed through it all, she explains.

“When my TV career began (on etv through Red Pepper Pictures hosting Sistahood, Shiz Niz, Craz-e World Live and Frenzy on Craz-e) , one of my dreams included meeting her… I had been following her career even after the Felicia show ended and moved to the African channel in the US becoming ‘Conversations with Felicia’. My mom owned a pair of her range of spectacles and she loved them, we both loved her! Her other business moves were big power moves and through that, it was proven to me that you can have it all.. The family ( she has a great supportive husband and 2 very intelligent beautiful daughters) and a thriving career!”

Now, She is the host of the well known talk show called Zaziwa on SABC 1, and she is amazing. Pearl who is the golden rock of talk shows explains further.

“Through my TV talk show Zaziwa, the dream I had of meeting her became a reality! I cannot express the emotions I felt during our encounter… It was surreal, but exactly how I had imagined it to be… No, it was actually more than I had imagined it to be. She was every bit the woman I thought she would be, if not better! The talk show host that I have admired for so many years is going to be on my talk show soon!” says the beautiful Pearl Modiadie “This year, I celebrate 10 years in the media industry. This encounter couldn’t have happened at a better time”

Here’s to 10 more years !


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