10 Facts About Mapula Mafole


mapulaMapula Mafole, Plays the role of a 14 Year old Mapula on RC (Rhythm City), who’s in charge of her two siblings, Mapua Mafole spoke to the papers that “Rhythm City has given me a chance to grow as an actress. I’ve been challenged more than I have ever been in my career. And it’s a blessing just to come to the set every day because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long!  A blessing for me,”

Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Mapula Mafole

  1. mapula_mafole_website_2015__55068-1422353053-386-513She was actually born in July 18th, 1990 – Which would make her 26 as of (2016) – But she’s so cute and looks so young – thus her character of a 14 year old fits very well.
  2. I should probably be proud that she’s from North-West Province, South Africa. That’s where 8C started about. I am deeply proud and excited about this.
  3. In 2015, Mmapula had a role in Z’bondiwe
  4. Not only did she had a role in Z’bondiwe, she also was in a Mzansi Magic Movie called Rise as Palesa.
  5. Among other roles she also appeared on SABC1 drama series Soul City.
  6. The beautiful Mapula (I have a serious crush on this girl) – Her first role was on Intersexions in 2012 (Aired on SABC 1)
  7. She was also featured on Generations: The Legacy
  8. Mapula didn’t just get Lucky into the Industry, It’s a passion she followed, she studied Acting at AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) in 2013
  9. Her brother’s Thabiso Moeketsi Mafole (Who hopefully will be my brother in law… hides)
  10. Finally, Her Mother is a qualified Nurse. I wish to meet ’em all.

There you have 10 facts about Mapula Mafole, if there’s anyone you’d like us to Profile, please email – admin@8c.co.za



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